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Most of my photo essays were taken in New York, although there are a few at the bottom from elsewhere. All essay are edited with no more than a dozen slides in each and linked as slideshows on flickr.


Click here for a best of Polis slideshow (sampling of pics taken in NYC).


I walk the three blocks of St. Marks Pl. between Astor Square and Tompkins Square Park nearly every day, snapping pics along the way.
View St. Marks Pl. slideshow.


Living With Legends, a blog that chronicles daily life at the Chelsea Hotel, had a party in the apartment where Thomas Wolfe once lived and where he wrote, appropriately enough, You Can’t Go Home Again. Current and former long-time residents, and even a few short-timers, gathered to celebrate the place that bills itself as “a rest stop for rare individuals.”
View Chelsea party slideshow.


I took this series on a gorgeous fall morning at Tompkins Square Park. The beauty and diversity of this park is astonishing, especially considering that it was the site of anti-gentrification riots not but 15 years ago. Sometimes we can all just get along.
View Tompkins Square Park slideshow.


Bryant Park premiered the Ice Pond in the winter of 2005-’06.
View Bryant Park slideshow.


The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is legendary. These shots were taken while parading with the Hungry March Band, which paid tribute to the musicians of New Orleans.
View Halloween slideshow.


HOWL! is a celebration of the arts that takes place in the East Village. It always ends with a parade down St. Marks Pl. (Alas, 2005 might have been the third and final festival.)
View Howl Parade slideshow.


Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy is the oldest Italian festival outside of Italy. While it’s almost a shell of what it once was, there’s still some authentic flavor to savor (watch for the Good Fellas shot).
View San Gennaro slideshow.


Everyone says Coney Island isn’t what it used to be, but when I was there on Memorial Day, 2005, I couldn’t believe all I had to do was pay a $2 subway ride to get to this absolutely amazing place.
View Coney Island slideshow.


This is a series of street shots I’ve taken over the years. The first two were taken in Times Square, and almost two years later, I met a couple of people in the photos completely by coincidence.
View streetshots slideshow.


I took these shots of The Gates by Christo on an unusually balmy day (Feb. 14, 2005).
View The Gates slideshow.


This series of photos was taken from inside the Dumbo Clocktower (which is being converted into a zillion-dollar luxury condo). There are four, sixteen-foot windows in the shape of clocks that face in all directions.
View DUMBO clocktower slideshow.

Slideshows from Elsewhere:


Western Mass is a wondrous place with its lovely, rusty, bucolic scenery.
View Western Mass slideshow

Locals of Bolinas, CA are known for taking down the highway sign to keep outsiders from discovering their little piece of paradise.
View Bolinas slideshow.


Southern New Mexico is stunning. Don’t let anyone tell you the desert is sterile and boring.
View New Mexico slideshow.


Cleveland’s industrial flats is a modern day ghost town, deserted and haunting.

View the industrial flats slideshow here.


Most people think of LA as flat, but this slideshow was taken from the hills that surround the city, points north, east and west.

View The Hills of LA slideshow here.

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