Hudson Hotel Penthouse View

April 19, 2007


The sun came out in NYC. This is the view from the penthouse of the Hudson Hotel.

I Am Legend

January 25, 2007


Will Smith is filming I Am Legend, an action/sci-fi thriller, on the East River near the Brooklyn Bridge. The shoot requires a thousand extras, blackhawk helicopters and cargo tanker. New York City photogs have gone berserk. See lots of photos on flickr via Gowanus Lounge (click to enlarge above pic by BlueJoel).

Ads of the Times

January 24, 2007


A blogger recently attempted to photograph every ad in Times Square and post them all in one place. I will say this, the real advertecture has far more impact than the virtual ads (advertual?). The above pic is just a sampling. To see every single ad (give or take a few), click here.

The Tram

January 22, 2007


I took this photo from the Roosevelt Island Tram recently (click to enlarge).

Burnt Sugar

January 13, 2007


The Brooklyn Paper has a piece on the dismantling of the Revere Sugar refinery in Red Hook by developer Joe Sitt, who plans to erect six buildings on the site and isn’t saying whether any of the sugar refinery will be saved (same developer for Coney Island). The refinery, including its iconic dome on Brooklyn’s southern waterfront, closed in 1985 and later suffered a fire. The above photo is taken from a flickr set posted by Soupflowers (via Gowanus Lounge).

Pic of the Week

December 11, 2006


Central Park skaters (on concrete, not ice) took advantage of a beautiful afternoon to bust some moves. The sun was like a giant disco ball in the sky. For a large format version of the photo, click here.

Austin Tobin Plaza

December 8, 2006


Yesterday’s post about plans for the WTC site at ground level (see below), I received this photo and a note from Visual Diaries photog Cary Conover:

Your post about GZ made me reminisce. I even dug up some old scans I made after 9/11. I kind of miss the Austin Tobin Plaza. Not because it was some great example of urban planning/plaza design, but more because it’s where/how I became most familiar with the towers. I was up in the viewing observatory of the south tower only once, but visited the plaza three or four times total before 9/11. I moved here in August of 2000 and it was just a few weeks later that I took what was then, to me, a very long walk (beginning at Stanton/Bowery) toward the WTC. I just set out to walk and walk and walk until I got to the towers, my goal simply being to get there and touch them, to look straight up at them. … I do remember the wind in the plaza. There was a blue tarp that was covering some sort of stage and it was flapping like hell. … This shot shows the north face of the south tower, and that’s WTC 4 over in the distance.

Click the photo to see the whole image.