Chelsea Hotel


I’m still in Mesilla, NM (see below, or click here to go to a flickr page with photos of this historic southwestern town), but since I wrote an article for the Times about how the long-time managers of the Chelsea Hotel were ousted, and all the coverage this has received around the world, I thought I would repost the story I wrote more than a year ago about Living With Legends, the unofficial Chelsea Hotel blog (which has been covering the hell out of this ongoing tragedy). Below are links to two of the stories I’ve written for the Times about the Chelsea (both PDF files), and a photo essay I shot at the Living With Legends blog party that took place on April 28, 2006 in a room where Thomas Wolfe wrote, appropriately for a residential hotel, You Can’t Go Home Again.

A Year in the Life (Chelsea PDF)

Changes at the Chelsea, Shelter of the Arts (chelseafinal.pdf)

Living With Legends Blog Party (photo essay on flickr).

6 Responses to Chelsea Hotel

  1. LP says:

    You said it so well, ongoing tragedy. Thank you for your great stories., It’s very sad, The residents, past and present , and other lovers of the hotel are protesting in various ways:


    There is some hope. One of the minority shareholders, David Elder, has been withholding his elderly stepfather’s inheritance. The old man is the great Hispanic writer Piri tHomas, ( a former Chelsea Hotel reisdent) and he has had to pay almost a half million in taxes on money Elder, the trustee, won’t pay him. Courts have ruled for Piri, but Elder has tied it up in appeals. August 20th Elderand Thomas will be in court to determine if Elder should be chucked out as trustee of the Chelsea Trust, which may give Stanley a chance to get his and our hotel back. Show your support by clicking on the link below and voting YES in the right side poll.

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