Welcome New Readers!


I hardly ever check my blog stats because frankly, I don’t want to know how many people are actually reading Polis, but holy cow, it seems that New York, 2106 has gotten some major play due to links from Curbed, UnBeige and another well-read blog that I was previously unfamiliar with, kottke (written by Jason Kottke, a fellow New Yorker transplanted from the Midwest who also once lived in San Francisco). As a result, Polis was listed as a top blog on WordPress.

So, welcome new readers! And please, feel free to roam around the site, check out my photo essays, see what I’ve been up to lately on Xlist (Now Playing…), and read about the book I’m (ostensibly) writing. Speaking of book, here is one amusing entry from kottke:

  • Jargon watch: “book” as a synonym for “cool”. Sample usage: “That YouTube video is so book.” As books are decidedly uncool, you might wonder how this usage came about. Book is a T9onym of cool…both words require pressing 2665 on the keypad of a mobile phone but book comes up before cool in the T9 dictionary, leading to inadvertent uses of the former for the latter.

I stuck a gapingvoid blogcard at the top just for fun, only tangentially related to this post.

One Response to Welcome New Readers!

  1. Jon says:

    I like the little bit about ‘book, i wonder if something similar will happen with ‘ducking’ being used for ‘fucking’ as my phone doesn’t have ‘fucking’ in the dictionary. I assume it’s like this for most people.

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