E.Vil., How Do I Love Thee…


I have a tendency to come to these things a little late, but better late than never. For more than three years, I’ve been living in the the East Village — hands down, the coolest neighborhood in the world (okay, I haven’t been to every nabe in the world, but a little hyperbole never hurt anyone). And yet, I still find myself walking past any number of cool things without hardly taking note, only to one day stop in my tracks and say, “Hey, what’s that?” This happened at a tiny storefront on First Avenue (near Houston) called East Village Radio, where I would glance at the DJ spinning records behind the glass and think, “I need to check that out.” So I finally did:

Based out of a store-front studio on First Avenue, embedded in the heart of the East Village, EVR is an Internet radio station … with a wide array of musical genres … Over 60 DJs and hosts provide 16 hours of LIVE programming a day, broken up into 2 hour show blocks, 7 days a week.EVR’s store-front street level studio helps maintain its independent artistic sensibility. According to [a] study of pedestrian traffic in New York City, almost 1,000 (1,800 during peak travel times) pedestrians pass by the sound booth per hour.

1000-1800 pedestrians PER HOUR! That just boggles the mind, and yet it isn’t even the main point here. The point is, check out East Village Radio — with its eclectic schedule and now of course everything is podcast — and revel in the creativity that could only acculturate in the agar of the East Village. The storefront was renovated last summer, which was covered by Fader (where I got the above photo). BTW: The Fader show on Fridays is it.

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