Whole Paycheck


With Whole Foods’ stock tanking, I was beginning to wonder if the long-promised store on the Bowery was ever going to open. That is, until I encountered a Whole Foods employee on St. Marks Pl. gathering signatures on letters that will be sent to the New York State liquor control board, urging it to approve a license so the grocery chain can sell booze next door to its Bowery store (state law prohibits grocery stores from selling anything other than beer, an asinine law if there ever was one). The employee, pictured above, said the store is still on track to open in April.

A few fun facts about the Bowery: The street was originally an Indian trail, then a cow path to Peter Stuyvesant’s farm (“bouwerij” is the Dutch word for farm). It was the first street in America with a trolley car. It was New York’s theater district before Broadway became Broadway. At the turn of the last century, there were an estimated 25,000 Bowery bums who lived in flophouses and on the street. Read more about the street at Forgotten New York.

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