Cash Cab on St. Marks

E.B. White once said something to the effect, don’t come to New York unless you’re willing to be lucky. That is the subtext of a game show on the Discovery Channel called Cash Cab. Comedian Ben Bailey drives around NYC, picking up unsuspecting game show contestants. If they agree to be on the show, taxi riders answer general trivia questions to win cash on the way to their destination. So I’m walking down St. Marks Place this afternoon, and I see a cab and a cameraman and I’m thinking, that’s got to be Cash Cab. Sure enough, so I stop and wait. (At the end of the ride, the contestants can risk all their earnings on a final video trivia question, and if they answer correctly, they double their money. If they answer wrong, they get no money but a free cab ride.) So the camerman and I are standing at the ready when we hear from inside the cab, “WHOOO!” The cab door flies open and out pop three Cash Cab winners waiving a fistful of $100 bills. Only in New York can the random urban encounter be married with transportation to win cold hard cash!



5 Responses to Cash Cab on St. Marks

  1. tim says:

    I was disheartened to see the reality of the show. I’ll never watch it again…Tim

  2. DuJuan boylston says:

    I would like 2 ride in the cash cab i know all your questions

  3. Barbara Malley says:

    Does a photographer follow cash cab in order to take pictures when passenger are either ejccted or reeach their destinations? A friend thinks the photographer is in the passenger seat next to Ben, but I don’t think so.

  4. Lynn Chaple says:

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