Now we’re talking smart public toilet design. Victoria, BC is having such a problem with nighttime public urination, the city has installed a test case urinal that disappears underground during the day and pops up at night. We need at least two of these on St. Marks Place, one at Astor Square and another near Tompkins Square Park. I guess the ladies still have to wait in line like we always do, while the “girls gone wild” crowd and the guys who love them get their very own public urinal design:

By day, the Urilift is lowered below street level for a nice clean look. Then at night, an operator comes by with a remote and the Urilift hydraulically lifts to sidewalk level in about two minutes. Then the unit is ready to serve all the nighttime party animals who don’t mind peeing in a very exposed public urinal.

There’s even a hilarious promo video extolling the many virtues of the Urlift, including the fact that in addition to the urinal, there’s also a drain in the floor since “people may have trouble with their coordination.” Check it out here.

One Response to Urinetown

  1. MilesB says:

    This is one of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen.

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