Walking It Off


Now here’s a Times article made to order for Polis. British author Will Self (The Book of Dave, Junk Mail) flies to New York, and WALKS from JFK airport to Manhattan, with a reporter and photographer along for the trek. What makes this journey such a perfect fit for my little mission here at Polis is Mr. Self’s appreciation for the city, and he even uses the word polis!

…pressing onward and over the Brooklyn Bridge, looking with satisfaction at what he pronounced “the greatest man-made vista there has ever been … instead of looking at individual buildings, it makes more metaphorical sense to think of New York as one enormous chunk of masonry that has been cut up and carved away. It says, ‘This is the ultimate polis, through which humans move like nematodes.'”

Not sure how many nematodes actually walk upright, which is of course the best way to experience a city, as Mr. Self so eloquently points out. In addition to the map there’s also a slideshow. Check it.

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