St. Marks Roundup-O-Rama

Mid-November on St. Marks Place: The punk kid summer convention is (mostly) dissipated. The Halloween puke has been hosed into the sewer. And a new restaurant is set to open (among other news).


  • gama1.JPGGama, a new Korean place in the space where Cafe San Marcos used to be (12 St. Marks, built in 1885 as the German American Shooting Society, and was once home to St. Marks Bookshop, which is no longer on the block). Gama had a lovely tasting on Saturday night and will likely open this week (click to enlarge photos).
  • CBGBs is opening a store in the building that has at various times been a German music club wherecbgb.JPG a Jewish mob shootout happened in 1914; the Polish National Home, known as The Dom, which turned into a popular bar; the Electric Circus which hosted Andy Warhol and the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, among others; a drug rehab center; and now it is a refurbished building with expensive condos on top and Chipotle, Super Cuts and other assorted retailers at street level. So it’s pretty much indisputable: CBGBs has officially sold-out. Going to Vegas is one thing, but opening a retail shop in this squeaky clean retail spot is another, even if it is St. Marks.
  • fuego2.JPGLast but not least, Cafe Fuego, which opened very quietly in August, is a Cuban spot at 9 St. Marks and is co-owned by international male model Gabriel Aubry, who is dating Halle Berry. On Tuesday, there will be a big red carpet event that Ms. Berry is going to attend, along with 300 other glam types who probably couldn’t find St. Marks on a map. The press release for this event calls St. Marks one of the hippest blocks in Manhattan. Well, it will be Tuesday night, anyway. Not so sure how hip it will be once the Berry entourage departs for environs less likely to have heroin addicts doing the nod in front of Trash and Vaudeville

Thanks to New York Songlines, as always, for the historical info.

7 Responses to St. Marks Roundup-O-Rama

  1. CJ says:

    Great blog this week! Like the historical neighborhood tidbits too. Oh, btw did Berry ever play surprise guest hostess at Aubry’s restaurant in September like you mentioned in one of your previous blogs, just curious, had read anything on the update.

    Keep writing great stuff about the area and other places…

  2. Apparently the Halle Berry appeaerance didn’t happen in September. Last night was the first and probably only one. I was actually “on the list” but decided not to go once I saw the throngs of people and photographers outside and the bruisers guarding the door. I’m not sure what the point would have been, standing around with a bunch of glam-types I don’t even know. And it’s not like Ms. Berry was going to be serving me drinks! But thanks for reading and check in again soon!

  3. CJ says:

    Thanks for the reply. You should have gone, from what I gather the place was hoping from some of my friends who were in the neighborhood. Good point, understand why didn’t go. Some of my friends, mentioned that Halle wasn’t there for that long, not sure if she or both of them left early ( I doubt he would since it is his restaurant). Will chat with you later.

  4. Yup says:

    any inside gossip on the event what was halle and gabbys interactions like, they seemed loved up on tv

  5. […] 1) East Village: Still shedding a tear over the shuttering of CBGB on New York City’s Bowery? Then buy a fucking T-shirt. The CBGB store, having eschewed 666 Bond, will open on St. Marks in that nice new building with the SuperCuts and Chipotle. Polis’ Lisa Chamberlain is pretty pissed about it, as if CBGB had any dignity left by the time it was finito. [Polis] […]

  6. CJ says:

    Look Lisa’s the neighborhood expert not you. Are you old enough to get the social and historical significance of the place when it was hot or the other points she pointed out. Stay in Park Slope.

  7. Sandra Conti says:

    Hope Cafe Fuego is a smash it, and that it’s still going strong. One of the most popular streets in the Village, sure to be busy, and Gabriel Aubry sure deserves success in whatever he does.

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