The Visitor


Another day, another movie being filmed on St. Marks Place. Normally I don’t pay much attention, but there were so many movie trucks (at least a half dozen), and the shoot is taking place at one of my favorite St. Marks hang-outs, I had to ask. Turns out, the film is by the writer and director of The Station Agent, one of the best movies of the last few years. Thomas McCarthy (a pretty busy actor as well) is now working on his sophmore directorial project, a comedy/drama called The Visitor, staring Richard Jenkins who plays “a college professor with a mundane life, which is brightened up by a friendship with an illegal immigrant who needs his help.” The scene being shot this afternoon takes place at Jules, the Frenchmovie-jules.JPG bistro with live jazz every night in a Speakeasy atmosphere, plus a lovely outdoor seating area that is situated a few steps down from sidewalk level, providing a very cozy feel (which was shrouded in black fabric for the interior shoot, click pic to enlarge).


One Response to The Visitor

  1. Capo says:

    Hey ! I was there on this day. I used to live on St Marks Place and 1st Ave between october 2007 and january 2008. I asked to a team’s guy what kind of things they were shooting, he told me it was a commercial for Verizon… I do know now he told me s#!T…

    BTW, Its good to see some picture of east village, especially St Mark Place, because i’m now back to France…

    Thanks !

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