Sometimes the best things about New York can’t be reported on with any detail because they’re, ahem, not totally legal. One such thing is Movie Night at a commercial photography studio space in the E.Vil., held every Thursday in a big space with comfy couches, a large projection screen and a fully stocked bar (that’s the legal issue). But the best part is, it’s free (and so is the fresh popcorn), and the drinks are super cheap. Last night’s movie was Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth at the height of her fame, although there’s a wide range of movies shown, contemporary and classic. There’s a super secret email list for movie night that I’m not allowed to forward, but if anyone’s really interested, I can share more info. When I asked the person who has been hosting it for five years now how it got started, he said, “Someone gave me a projector and I always wanted to be a bartender.”

2 Responses to MovieNight

  1. Rob says:

    Of course I am intersted! I love cool things like this. I’m on the nonsense list and I’m a little suprised it hasn’t turned up there before, maybe that list is too mainstream? Anyway please e-mail me the details.

  2. Send me an email and tell me who you are. I don’t want to risk ruining a good thing…

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