Dumbo Clocktower


In a rather confusing post, Dumbo NYC is reporting that two penthouses at 70 Washington St. have been purchased for $3.4 million and will be combined, which includes the clocktower space where I took a series of photos a couple of years ago (several of the Manhattan Bridge, above). I don’t really get it because the clocktower is the only penthouse space up there, unless someone purchased the floor below and is combining apartments that way. Regardless, the four, 16 foot-high clocktower windows that face in every direction, well, let’s just say the views are spectacular beyond description. To see the full slideshow, click here.

UPDATE: Apparently, I’m the one who’s confused (putting the dumb in Dumbo, if you will). The photos I took are from inside the Dumbo clocktower in 1 Main Street, not 70 Washington St. See comments.

2 Responses to Dumbo Clocktower

  1. DumboNYC says:

    You’re confusing two separate buildings. The photos you took are from the penthouse unit at the clocktower Building at 1 Main Street, not 70 Washington Street (beautiful photos btw). 70 Washington Street has two clock face duplex penthouse units (one direction only), one overlooking Manhattan and the bridges, while the other side overlooks downtown Brooklyn. The two penthouses purchased at 70 Washington are adjacent units (see http://www.70washington.com/pdf/F13.pdf and http://www.70washington.com/pdf/E13.pdf) with the E line being the duplex apartment with the clock apartment facing Brooklyn and York Street. Hope that clears any confusion.

    Are you from Chicago or Philly? I’ve noticed you’ve written a few articles in the past about them.

  2. Ah! That clears it up. Thank you. No, I’m from Cleveland, but I’ve traveled to both places frequently for stories. Thanks for the clarification!

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