Inconvenient, Yes, But …

gore.JPGI saw Al Gore speak at NYU yesterday about how we can address the imminent global warming catastrophe. Unlike the movie, An Inconvenient Truth — which is mostly devoted to making the case for global warming and only spends a little bit of time at the end on how to fix the problem — this lecture urges action on the part of people, corporations and the government (“political will is a renewable resource,” he likes to say).

One of Gore’s major points yesterday:

Buildings, both commercial and residential, represent a larger source of global warming pollution than cars and trucks. But new architecture and design techniques are creating dramatic new opportunities for huge savings in energy use and global warming pollution.

He then urged architects and the building industry to join the 2030 Challenge, a pledge to become “carbon neutral” by 2030 (meaning that buildings would not require any fossil fuels in order to operate). Some other propositions: an immediate “carbon freeze“; dropping the payroll tax in favor of a pollution tax; assisting American automakers to retool production as leading manufacturers of hybrids and electric only cars (presumably with tax money).

As for what will happen to New York as sea levels rise, click here.sealevel.jpg

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