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Amy Arbus, daughter of famed photographer Diane, has a collection of photos she took for the Village Voice compiled in a new book On the Street, 1980-1990. One of the least interesting on its merits is still a sentimental favorite: a shot of Madonna on St. Marks Pl. in 1983, shortly before she became hugely famous (it looks to me like the shot is facing west between 1st and 2nd Aves.). Twenty-five of Arbus’s photos are on display at the Cohen Amador Gallery, reaffirming the relationship bewteen NYC street photography and fashion as artistic self-expression. For an audio slideshow on the Times website, click here, narrated by a photo editor who quotes Oscar Wilde: “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.”

To view my St. Marks photo essay, click here (first one).

Annals of Self-Invention [NYT]

One Response to Original Copy

  1. CitySpecific says:

    I found the idea of a not-yet-megafamous Madonna sitting around the local gym naked and longer than necessary was pretty amusing.

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