Breathtaking Inanity: WTC Triangulation

Larry Silverstein unveiled plans this morning for three more gargantuan towers to be built at the World Trade Center site, which will rise near but set apart from the Freedom Tower. As David Dunlap of the Times put it diplomatically: “…the buildings do not appear at first glance to be parts of a unified whole. Instead, it may look like an instance of urban randomness.”

Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse, here’s some rock salt for that gaping wound: “Construction of Tower 2 [second from left] will require the removal of the Vesey Street staircase, also known as the survivors’ stairway, which is the only aboveground remnant of the original trade center that is still in place. It served as an escape route for hundreds of people on 9/11.”

How can this possibly be happening? Please, please, Eliot Spitzer, stop the madness. Step in now, say you’re going to void the whole deal when you take the office of Governor, and start over. We beg of you.

4 Responses to Breathtaking Inanity: WTC Triangulation

  1. neath says:

    It would be crazy to remove the staircase (sigh)

  2. MilesB says:

    Isn’t there some citizen action to be taken here? Petitions or something, anything, to save that staircase? How do you make the clear point that this is a piece of living history and that removing it would be a tragic loss?

  3. StevieP says:

    Words cannot describe the arrogant, selfish stupidity of Larry Silverstein. A very public search by the people of New York for a suitable design of such an important site ended in the selection of the thoughful, cohesive Daniel Libeskind master plan. Silverstein tells the rest of the world he doesn’t give a damn and rips it to shreds with all the grace of a bull in a china shop. It’s an insult to the architects, the public and, of course, the families of the victims.

    The greatest architecture commission of the 21st century has resulted in the world’s grandest generic office park. It’s not just pouring salt on the wound, it’s pouring hydrochloric acid .

  4. lisacchamberlain says:

    Thanks for the comment. Serioulsy. I have been railing on the WTC site for a year now on Polis, and I sometimes wonder where the outrage has gone. It’s just so disheartening. For a dose of very well-articulated outrage, of course, there’s always Miss Representation. I highly recommend it (linked under local blogs at right).

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