WTC: Anniversary Updates

With the anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching, there will be lots of WTC updates to keep on top of.

The one bit of good news (so to speak), comes from David Dunlap of the Times, who reports that an “interim” memorial is set to open, first privately for the families, and then publicly on Sept. 18. At 120 Liberty will be a collection, mostly of ordinary items, from the site as well as from donations. It looks to be quite moving and I’m guessing there won’t be anything “temporary” about it. Everything about the Ground Zero that is supposed to be “permanent” doesn’t ever seem to happen, and everything “temporary” seems to last forever, even ephemerally, like the towers of light that were displayed to mark the six month anniversary. I’m still amazed when I travel around the country by how many people who think those lights are the memorial and are still there.

Then there’s a piece in this week’s New Yorker by Paul Goldberger, who makes this obvious but salient point:

Amid all the squabbles and revisions, it’s unsurprising that so many people who once cared passionately about Ground Zero have simply lost track of the developments there and have stopped caring. This summer, the success of the first movies about 9/11, and acclaim for a clutch of important novels dealing with the subject, showed that the public is still hungry to make sense of the tragedy and what it means for America. But they are no longer looking to architects, contractors, and developers for answers.

Check back for more WTC news as the anniversary comes and goes.

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