Become Your Dream… Or Not

The irony of the above pic (snapped on Avenue A this afternoon) requires no further comment, but perhaps a little context. DeLaVega, whom I’ve posted about on Polis a few times, is an East Harlem artist who has a gallery/shop on St. Marks Place where he sells his original artwork as well as t-shirts and such. He’s known for writing aphorisms on the sidewalk in chalk, such as, “I just bought real estate in your mind,” and “Sometimes the king is a woman.” He’s probably best known, however, for this one: “Become Your Dream.”

One Response to Become Your Dream… Or Not

  1. Paul says:

    He must also be responsible for this object here. It’s interesting to know the origin of it. I thought the phrase a bit cliche but seeing your ironic take on it I understand that it does represent the struggles of artistic and creative people on the lower east side. This Bike is also somewhat symbolic of the yuppie takeover of the neighborhood and the continuing struggle of long time residents such as DeLaVega against it.

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