Sculpture for Living: Don’t Take That Literally

I happened to be walking by the Astor Place “Sculpture for Living” high-rise condo building in the E.Vil. (aka, the Green Monster, which hasn’t been selling very well, especially after the bad reviews) when I came across a much more literal “sculpture for living” just outside the entrance. There were no less than a half-dozen cops standing around waiting for this dude to pack up his “sculpture for living” and move it on down the block.

One Response to Sculpture for Living: Don’t Take That Literally

  1. […] Undaunted by a bursting of the real estate bubble or the failure of the Green Monster (aka Sculpture for Living at Astor Square), a new luxury condo is going up at 240 Park Avenue South by Tessler Development and designed by Gwathmey Siegel. Triple Mint reported on this in July, but I’m just getting the press release now, for whatever reason. What’s noteworthy, in the arms race of luxury condo amenities, we have a new twist: an “Entertainment Library Suite where Continental breakfast is served daily from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.” Seriously? New Yorkers barely say hello to each other on the elevator. Doubtful that people who can afford multizillion dollar condos are going to gather together to share a latte and croissant and sing kumbaya before 10 am. […]

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